Our designs are inspired by a testimony, a story of faith and a western way of life.

In the summer of 1993, a 13 year old girl Alicia Nicole Stillwell, sat on the wooden pew of a small Baptist Church in Paluxy, a Texas town with a population less than 100, sketching out clothing to wear to horse shows and rodeos.   Raised by wonderful parents Allen and Nancy, and in the middle of 3 siblings, Nicole and her family ventured to the country every weekend to escape the city life.   Her father’s business was in Dallas, TX but his heart and soul needed the country.


In the small old rustic ranch house with no neighbors or television in site, Nicole and her siblings Allison and Clayton, spent weekends and summers riding horses through pastures and ponds, building forts and playing hide and seek in the dark with lightning bugs and a full moon for light.


Creativity ran wild in this young girl’s mind with dreams of accomplishing big equestrian goals while wearing the most current hand-made outfits, custom designed by she and her mother.     At age 15, while attending many 4-H clinics, competitions and stock shows, Nicole developed a friendship with Casey Deary that would eventually turn into the incredible loving bond of marriage on May 25, 2002.


Nicole and Casey Deary are continuously amazed with the destinations their horses have taken them around the world.  While these two individuals were kids in 4-H, they only imagined a life with fancy horses, World Shows and Futurities as they watched horseman heroes from the back gates.


After wedding vows came Weatherford.  Casey Deary began his entrepreneurship and Deary Performance Horses LLC was established.  Casey rented stalls from Robbie Robertson for 3 years on a ranch in Weatherford, TX that would eventually become Deary Ranch in 2005.   Robertson believed Casey was a champion before any trophies had ever been won.  He taught him business, boldness and the Bible.  The small beginnings for this young couple that lived in Robbie Robertson’s camping trailer on the driveway of that piece of ground in Weatherford, would develop faith, character, patience, integrity and gratitude for each blessing God would send their way.


This 3 cord strand of Casey, Nicole and their Savior Jesus Christ would not be easily broken.  In May 2018, Casey and Nicole Deary celebrated 16 years of marriage, 4 beautiful healthy children.  Samuel Wyatt 12 years old, Daniel Owen 10, Julia Joy 6, Olivia Faith 3 and one in Heaven.  Casey has reached milestones in the Reining horse industry that have far exceeded his wildest dreams.  Nicole has passionately been his greatest cheerleader in life and has held his hand in the winner’s circles at the NRHA Futurity, NRHA Derby and she has stood by his side in numerous AQHA and APHA World Championship photographs.


In 2011 an incredible Christian man named Ed Harrison, came to the Deary Ranch to work, despite Casey telling him he did not have a position available for him.  Today Casey and Nicole laugh and embrace how God brought Ed into their lives as an amazing instrument of His purpose.  Ed spoke directly to Casey and Nicole about the importance of being bold in their testimony and faith in Jesus Christ.  They knew and were thankful for the struggles that brought them close to their Savior, but when Ed, Casey, mentor and family friend Dale Harvey and Nicole prayed together at the 2012 NRHA Futurity with beloved mare Americasnextgunmodel before her championship, a bridge of faith was crossed and life was never the same.  In 2013 Ed Harrison began his mission work in Africa and the Deary family became very involved with his journey to bring the gospel to children around the world.  This Global Cowboy Ministry and Ed Harrison are a very important connection to the Deary Ranch and CC Way.


Capturing championships soon took Casey Deary across the United States and other countries such as Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and others, to teach clinics, compete in more events and speak to the people.  Nicole traveling by his side, witnessing more and more, the people attracted to the man Casey Deary, that would speak of God and give glory to Him.  Never-ending work behind the scenes, traveling to horse events, serving others, helping horses, cheering for Casey and raising children continuously transforms Nicole and adds fuel to the fires for this visionary business woman.


Years of blessings mixed with humble necessary sufferings have built Nicole Deary and CC Way.


Through these incredible life experiences, Nicole’s mind set and creativity released new ideas for inspirational ladies clothing.   On February 21, 2018, a special milestone date celebrating a miraculous high-risk birth of their 4th living child Olivia Faith Deary, Nicole and Casey signed official trademark documentation and began the new CC Way business.  Casey listened, loved, approved and disapproved hundreds of Nicole’s daily assortment of ideas.  Numerous nights in the winter and spring of 2018 Nicole woke up and journaled different visions and ideas that God was putting into her mind about CC Way, the Christian Cowgirl way of life.


Nicole is extremely grateful and appreciative to several incredible business individuals that continue to extend their help and knowledge to the CC Way project.  Rod Patrick, Todd Neiberger, artist Jim Sanders, Gary and Shoshana Howard, attorney Alicia Meinzer, model and friend Cameron Baldus, photographer and marketing team Cam and “Too Tall” Jim Essick, Justin Franklin and her family are crucial to this company.


On a hot summer day in May 2018, the season 1 CC Way clothing items were set out for all of the models to see and try on.  Nicole then realized, the fabrics strung across a room come to life when they are knit with purpose and a dream.  A vision in her mind, a goal of helping others and making a statement with purpose on clothing…  CC Way has begun.  Each item has a testimony, a story of faith and a western way of life.